Today is the day before Christmas.  My holiday knitting is done, so I decided to start a new project for the upcoming silent auction at my daughter’s school. It will be a “show stopper bracelet,” knitted from non-tarnish silver wire with assorted glass and metal beads. Below are the basic steps to the bracelet. (The complete pattern is posted here).

Step 1: string about 150 beads onto the wire

Beaded Wire

Step 2: cast on 5 stitches

Cast on

Step 3: start knitting, working one bead into each stitch

A few rows

Step 4: continue knitting until all beads are used

Knitting completed

Step 5: attach a clasp to each end

Final bracelet

I will need to provide an estimate of the bracelet’s value to the auction committee. Please comment with your recommendation for the value. Thanks!