Picture of Knitted HeadbandWide headbands are making a comeback, and chunky knitted ones are both fashionable and practical. They look great while keeping your ears toasty warm!

Although I already have a few projects identified for my fundraising efforts later this year, I think it would be fun to make knitted headbands as well. My sister-in-law Diana found a beautiful pattern called “Parisian Twist” by Elisa McLaughlin. I made it in a blue washable wool, and I love how the asymmetrical twist gives it a turban look. My 16-year old daughter is modeling it in the photo, and she asked if she could have it. This is the ultimate compliment for a knitter to hear from her teenage daughter!

Understandably, the designer has the following note on her copyright: When you purchase this pattern you are agreeing to use it for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell the item the pattern creates.  I will reach out to her to request permission to sell these headbands for my fundraising. I’m crossing my fingers that she says yes…