Three headbandsI ended my previous blog post with my fingers crossed, hoping that the designer of the Parisian Twist headband would grant me permission to sell headbands made with her pattern for my fundraising. After all, she included the following note on her pattern: When you purchase this pattern you are agreeing to use it for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell the item the pattern creates. 

After reading some Ravelry forums about copyrights for patterns, and what the copyright protects, it appears that US copyright law protects only the pattern itself. The designer can’t prevent sales of the items made with the pattern. While a designer can request that knitters not sell items made from their patterns, this is only a request and not something protected by US copyright law.

Regardless of copyright law, I exchanged emails with Elisa McLaughlin, who, it turns out, is fully supportive of my request. She wrote, “I think what you are doing is fantastic and I am constantly looking for ways to use my work to benefit those in need. Thank you for asking. Please let me know how it goes. Keep it up!”

Thanks so much, Elisa! I am now happily knitting away, making headbands to sell at the holidays. Three are already done, as shown in the photo. Many more to come!