Picture of four handknitted braceletsEach year, the 8th graders at my children’s school identify a community service project. After learning about the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, my son’s 8th grade class chose to focus on the goal of improving maternal health. This spring, they are educating the school community about this cause and raising money for the tuition required to send one woman to the Hamlin College of Midwifery in Ethiopia. I’m so proud of them!

For fundraising, they are selling t-shirts, holding a “parents’ night out” babysitting event, and running a silent auction. My son, who is a skilled knitter, decided to make some “Show Stopper Bracelets” for the auction. As I wanted to support the effort, I knit one as well. In the photo, you can see our finished bracelets. We hope that they will generate at least $40 each at the auction.

You can read about how to make a “Show Stopper Bracelet” in one of my previous blog posts, which includes a link to my free pattern. These bracelets are unique and beautiful, and selling them is a great way to raise money for a charity that you support. I would love to hear about any you make, for yourself or for a fundraising effort.