Photo of bracelet with the silent auction sheetThis past weekend, my son’s 8th grade class held a silent auction to raise donations for a scholarship to the Hamlin Midwife College in Ethiopia. In a recent blog post, I shared that my son knit some Show Stopper Bracelets for this auction. The bracelets were a big hit! The bidding started at $30, and they ended up going for between $35 and $75 each. In total, the bracelets contributed $335 to the auction. Plus, a parent who lost out to a higher bidder asked my son if he would make an additional bracelet, which will result in another donation to the cause.

Needless to say, my son is thrilled that he raised so much with these bracelets. He also auctioned his services as a car washer. I’ll have to remember to ask him which is more fun: knitting bracelets or washing cars. I know which one I would choose.