Picture of 3 strands of black rolled necklace with charmsAs I continue to explore the world of knitted jewelry, I have come across examples of multi-strand I-cord necklaces. They are beautiful, and I wanted to make one. I did not, however, want to knit the yards of I-cord that such a necklace would require. So, I decided to experiment with knitting rounds of stockinette stitch, which theoretically would roll into a tube. The experiment was a success, and I love the finished product!

As you can see from the photo, I made a set of three necklaces. After casting on each one, I threaded some charms onto the knitting needle, joined the stitches into a round, and then knit about an inch in stockinette stitch. Detailed instructions are available in the pattern I posted.

I am also making a second set of necklaces from some red sport weight yarn I had left over from another project. Here is the work in progress, after I cast on the stitches and put the charms onto the needle.

Work in progress: picture of a red necklace after it was cast on

The charms I am using are Cousin Trinkettes “Metal Bead Flowers.”  They are cost effective and look great, but I would like to find charms with a larger hole. (The trinkettes don’t slide along the knitting easily.) If you make these necklaces, please let me know what charms you used. I look forward to hearing from you!

Close up of charms threaded onto the needle