Black, Gray, Cream and Green Infinity WrapsBack in January, I wrote a blog post about the projects I would make for my 2012 holiday fundraising sales. One of the projects is the Shaw Hill infinity wrap, and I set a goal of making a dozen of these wraps. While I knew meeting this goal would entail many, many hours of knitting, I was motivated! I’m confident that these wraps will be popular items and that their sales will contribute greatly to my charitable fundraising for this year.

Well, I am happy to report that I am working on wrap #12! Yes, eleven beautiful wraps are completed, and one more is in the works. I’ll achieve my goal within a week!

Friends often ask me how long something takes me to knit. I never keep track of the hours I put into a project, primarily because it’s not important to me. I do, however, like to calculate how many I can make in a week or in a month. One year, I made 30 pairs of wrist warmers for my fundraising, and each pair took me about a week to knit. Given I started making them early in the year, I had plenty of time to make so many before the holidays. And, knowing how many I could finish before my fundraiser helped me calculate how much yarn I should buy, without being concerned about buying too much.

Interestingly, I’m averaging about two infinity wraps per month. At this rate, I could conceivably knit twelve more before my holiday fundraiser. Should I go for it?

Brown, Red, and Tan Infinity Wraps