Picture of Golden Waves NecklaceAfter taking a break from blogging this summer, I am happy to be back! And, I have a new pattern to share with you: The Golden Waves Necklace. This necklace is my first design using 34 gauge wire. I was curious to knit with this very fine wire and compare it to the larger 26 gauge wire that I have used to knit many beaded bracelets and necklaces. Also, I wanted to design a new style of knitted jewelry that I could sell at fundraisers. Let me tell you more about it…

Using size 0 needles, I knitted a rectangle with 34 gauge wire made from non-tarnish brass. The resulting fabric was lightweight yet structured. I then played with the rectangle, twisting and folding it in different ways. But, I wasn’t happy with any of these shapes, so I tried curling two corners towards each other. Bingo! The result was a beautiful and unique pendant that took advantage of the structure and airiness of the knitted fabric.

Close Up of the Necklace

Even though it is August, I pulled on a wool turtleneck to model the necklace. I like the way it looks over the dark background of the turtleneck.

Golden Waves Necklace

Interested in making this necklace? Instructions are available in my free pattern. Enjoy!

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