I hadn’t purchased novelty yarns since the felted purse craze, when I incorporated a lot of it into my designs. But, the new metallic ruffled yarns have been catching my eye! As I look ahead to next year’s fundraisers, I’m thinking about knitted purses. I’m looking for an updated style, and ruffled yarns may be just the right material to create a fun evening bag.

The ruffled yarn by itself does not have enough body for a purse, so I decided I would knit it with a chenille yarn. At my local craft store, I found a great ruffled yarn: Premier Yarns “Starbella flash” in the Marble colorway. They also had the right shade of chenille: Patons “Bohemian” in Casual Cream. (I didn’t think of taking a photo of the yarns before I got started, hence just the small ball of the remaining chenille!)

Yarns used for the purse

For my design, I chose to start with a basic Japanese Knot Bag. I like the simplicity of the knot bag style, with its built-in handles that draw through each other to close the purse safely. No snaps, buttons, or zippers needed. Here’s a photo of one that I recently purchased:

Purchased Knot Bag

After doing my gauge swatch and experimenting with the ruffled yarn, I wrote down some notes and started knitting. It was a quick project, and I’m happy with my finished purse!

My knitted Knot Bag

My knitted knot bag, closed over my wrist

I published the instructions as a free download on my pattern page.

If I were to make some of these to sell at a fundraiser, how much should I sell them for? Please leave a reply below. Thank you!