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At our church coffee hour earlier this month, I saw a woman carrying a felted purse I made a few years ago. Assuming she would remember buying it from me, I said something like,  “I like your purse.”  She thanked me, and as we introduced ourselves, it became clear that she didn’t know I had made her purse. When I told her, her eyes completely lit up. It turns out that she had been looking for me to propose a special project.

Elizabeth’s mother had passed away this year, and in going through her things, Elizabeth found an Eileen Fisher sweater that she had given to her mother a few years ago. Unfortunately, her mother had washed and dried the wool sweater, and it was now a felted child-sized version of its former self.

Elizabeth asked if I could turn the sweater into an evening purse. It would be a Christmas gift to her daughter, as a memory of her grandmother.

I told Elizabeth that, although I had never done something like this before, I would like to give it a try. We agreed to meet the following week so that I could see the sweater and brainstorm ideas for the purse.

Well, I finished the purse in time for Christmas, and Elizabeth loves it. Phew! To thank me, she will be making a donation to our church’s scholarship fund for girl acolytes. (I support this fund with my boutique sales at our coffee hour each December.) Thank you, Elizabeth.

Picture of the finished purse

Dress Me Up Close UpAs I start thinking about my fundraising sales for next year, I’m considering purses. Accessories tend to be popular and sell well, and I think purses could be just the thing! Last month, I wrote about the Japanese Ruffled Knot Bag that I designed using chenille and a ruffled novelty yarn. Today, I’m happy to share another ruffled purse pattern I designed, the Dress Me Up Purse.

This pattern has a simple construction; you knit it in the round using a chenille yarn, working in the ruffled yarn every 8 rounds. You finish the top with an I-Cord bind-off, and close the bottom edge with a sturdy three-needle bind-off. You then attach a purchased chain as the handle.

I used Lion Suede in the Eggplant colorway for the body, and  Red Heart Sashay in the Rumba colorway for the ruffles. Unfortunately Lion Suede is no longer available, but perhaps you have some in your stash?

Dress Me Up Purse

The pattern is available as a free download on my pattern page.