Picture of the mini scarfSome people can’t wear any wool. I get it. Their skin is sensitive and perhaps even allergic to wool.

At my holiday boutiques, someone inevitably stops by and asks if I have anything that isn’t wool. I don’t usually have much to show them. I like working with wool, and I know that even the soft merino or cashmere blends I like to use are still going to be too itchy for them. But, it is nice to have a thing or two to offer, especially for those who want to buy something to support my fundraising.

Last year, I made a cowl from a pretty acrylic tweed yarn, and put it in the sample basket with the other one-of-a-kind items. Sure enough, someone stopped by, asked if I had anything non-wool, and bought that cowl. She didn’t even try it on. She saw the color, heard that it was acrylic, and pulled out her wallet. I was happy to have something for her, and thrilled to sell another item for the fundraiser!

For my boutiques later this year, I’ll have at least one non-wool item. As part of the year-long Use It or Lose It challenge that I wrote about last time, I pulled out about 150 yards of “Queensland Hyacinth” yarn from my stash. This yarn, a cotton/rayon blend, was left over from a tunic top I knit for myself, and I didn’t think there was much I would be able to do with it. However, after a quick pattern search on Ravelry.com, I found that I had enough yarn to make a mini-scarf. Fantastic!

I’m hoping it will be the perfect item for someone who just can’t wear wool.