As regular readers of my blog know, I knit to raise money for a few charities that I care about. Each January, I choose an accessory to make, and either create an original pattern or use one by another designer. I then knit a number of these items to sell to friends and co-workers the following December.

I’ve been doing this knitting fundraising for years now, and every summer I hit a breaking point. The novelty of the pattern wears off, and I get bored and burned out. I declare that I can’t make another one.

I recently hit that point with my 2013 knitting. For this year’s fundraiser, I decided to make fingerless mitts, using Anne Sahakian’s pattern for “Malabrigo Hand Thingies.”  I love working with Malabrigo yarn, and fingerless mitts are popular in Northern California where I live.  For many months, I was happy making the mitts. I plowed through my stash of Malabrigo, looking forward to seeing each new colorful skein turn into a beautiful pair of mitts. But, then I hit that point. I had made 29 pairs of mitts, and I couldn’t stand to make another pair. I was done.

Here’s the “mound of mitts” I made before hitting the breaking point:

Picture of my "mound of mitts"

Next, I need to set pricing. These are adult sized, and made from 100% soft merino wool. I’d love your feedback: would you pay $30 for them, knowing that all of my profits will go to a good cause? Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts. Thank you!