I love listening to the Stash and Burn podcast. On a recent episode, they spoke about knitted cozies for to-go cups of coffee. These cozies replace the corrugated cardboard sleeves that you typically find in coffee shops. Just as functional, but more beautiful.

I decided to make some for gifts this year. I dug through my stash of partial yarn balls and made a bunch of them. They’re quick to knit (less than an hour), and I found myself fondly thinking back on the original project I had made with that yarn. Baby surprise jackets for co-workers, cowls for fundraisers, fingerless mitts for gifts. Each one made me smile.

I’m now wondering if the coffee cozies would make a good fundraiser. Here are some ideas:

  • Sell them for $3 or $4? Since I would be making them from just my left-over yarn, I wouldn’t have any out-of-pocket yarn expenses. I would donate all of my proceeds to the charity.

Photo of 10 knitted cozies

  • Sell them with a porcelain to-go cup for $15? The cups cost about $10, which would mean a profit of about $5 each for the charity.
    Photo of a knitted cozy on a porcelain to-go cup
  • Sell them for $20, packaged in a clear plastic gift bag with a $15 gift card to a popular coffee shop?  Again, this would mean a $5 donation to charity for each one sold.

Photo of a knitted cozy in a clear gift bag with a Starbucks gift card

What do you think? Would you buy these, alone or packaged with a reusable mug or gift card, for a gift for a teacher, co-worker, or friend? Or would you buy one just for yourself? Please leave a comment. I’d like to hear from you!