Announcing my holiday fundraiser for 2015: Mink Wrist Warmers!

My sister introduced me to Lotus Mimi, a wonderful 100% mink yarn. It’s a fingering weight yarn that’s softer than cashmere. I was hooked immediately!

An important note about mink yarn. No animals are hurt during the production of this yarn. The hair is cut and combed from the animals and then spun into the yarn.

When my sister showed me the wrist warmers she had made from Mimi, I knew I wanted to make something similar for my 2015 holiday fundraiser. Here are the patterns I explored.

Attempt #1: Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts. Really cute mitts, but I hated making them. I chalk it up to using the magic loop technique with fingering weight yarn. I felt I was going to break the yarn every time I reached the end of a round, although that never happened.

Here’s what they look like:

Pic of my burgundy mink reading mitts

Attempt #2: Work + Shelter Hand Warmers. This simple pattern is worked flat, and then stitched along the sides to create a sleeve with a thumb hole. It’s similar to extra-long sleeves on some sports tops that have a thumb hole built into them. The original pattern is for a worsted weight yarn, so I had to adjust it for fingering weight yarn. I love the simplicity and length of the finished product, and really enjoyed making them.

Pic of my second pair of burgundy mink reading mitts

After showing my sample pair to a few friends to gauge their interest, which was very positive, I decided to declare success! This would be the pattern for my fundraiser.

I’m now busy knitting pairs and pairs of these hand warmers. Interested in buying a pair? I’m selling them for $40. Just shoot me an email at