For 2016, I returned to an old favorite – the Show Stopper Bracelet. I knit these bracelets from flexible wire and beads, and each one is unique. Every time I wear mine, I get wonderful compliments. Here’s what one looks like:

Bracelet knit with wire and beads

My friend Janine G had been asking me for years if I would make some again, and I decided 2016 would be the year! And I got down to business. I made over 30 bracelets. After giving some away to friends for birthday gifts during the year, I still had plenty for my fundraiser.

Here’s a picture of my table at the Adobe Holiday Trunk Show:

Table of knit bracelets in gift boxes

I sold the bracelets for $40 each. Since my cost of goods was about $20 per bracelet, my profit was $20 for each bracelet sold. As in past years, I donated 100% of my profits to Peninsula Bridge. By doing so, not only do I get to support a great non-profit organization, I also tell people who stop by my table about the group and their mission. 🙂

I also had some wrist warmers to sell this year (like I sold in previous years). Here’s a picture of the full table, with a basket of wrist warmers on the right:

Sales table at Adobe Holiday Trunk Show

Now that I’ve wrapped up my 2016 fundraiser , it’s time to think about 2017. What accessory should I knit this time? Please leave your ideas in a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!