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I’ll admit it. About ten years ago, I became severely addicted to making felted purses. I made over a hundred of them, and I sold them at holiday boutiques, gave them as gifts, and kept a few for myself. It was crazy. At some point, though, I got bored with making them and stopped cold turkey. I was done with making felted purses.

Or, perhaps I was just on a hiatus?

I recently dug out my old stash of felting yarns, determined to use some of it up for Stash-n-Burn’s 2013 “Use It Or Lose It” Challenge. I found a beautiful cone of rust-colored tweedy wool yarn, and decided to knit it into a felted purse. Because of the autumn colors, I started thinking of cooler weather and cabled aran sweaters, and created a design with columns of cables that are carried over to the straps. Here’s what it looked like before I put it in the washing machine:

Knitted purse before felting

And here is how it looks finished, with wooden buckles attaching the straps to the purse.

Photo of Autumn Aran Purse

I lined the purse, adding interior pockets, my personalized label, and a magnetic snap closure. It looks “legit,” as my teens would say.

Picture of the inside of the purse

You can download my free Autumn Cabled Purse pattern. If you make one, please post a photo on Ravelry. I’d love to see yours!


Dress Me Up Close UpAs I start thinking about my fundraising sales for next year, I’m considering purses. Accessories tend to be popular and sell well, and I think purses could be just the thing! Last month, I wrote about the Japanese Ruffled Knot Bag that I designed using chenille and a ruffled novelty yarn. Today, I’m happy to share another ruffled purse pattern I designed, the Dress Me Up Purse.

This pattern has a simple construction; you knit it in the round using a chenille yarn, working in the ruffled yarn every 8 rounds. You finish the top with an I-Cord bind-off, and close the bottom edge with a sturdy three-needle bind-off. You then attach a purchased chain as the handle.

I used Lion Suede in the Eggplant colorway for the body, and  Red Heart Sashay in the Rumba colorway for the ruffles. Unfortunately Lion Suede is no longer available, but perhaps you have some in your stash?

Dress Me Up Purse

The pattern is available as a free download on my pattern page.


I hadn’t purchased novelty yarns since the felted purse craze, when I incorporated a lot of it into my designs. But, the new metallic ruffled yarns have been catching my eye! As I look ahead to next year’s fundraisers, I’m thinking about knitted purses. I’m looking for an updated style, and ruffled yarns may be just the right material to create a fun evening bag.

The ruffled yarn by itself does not have enough body for a purse, so I decided I would knit it with a chenille yarn. At my local craft store, I found a great ruffled yarn: Premier Yarns “Starbella flash” in the Marble colorway. They also had the right shade of chenille: Patons “Bohemian” in Casual Cream. (I didn’t think of taking a photo of the yarns before I got started, hence just the small ball of the remaining chenille!)

Yarns used for the purse

For my design, I chose to start with a basic Japanese Knot Bag. I like the simplicity of the knot bag style, with its built-in handles that draw through each other to close the purse safely. No snaps, buttons, or zippers needed. Here’s a photo of one that I recently purchased:

Purchased Knot Bag

After doing my gauge swatch and experimenting with the ruffled yarn, I wrote down some notes and started knitting. It was a quick project, and I’m happy with my finished purse!

My knitted Knot Bag

My knitted knot bag, closed over my wrist

I published the instructions as a free download on my pattern page.

If I were to make some of these to sell at a fundraiser, how much should I sell them for? Please leave a reply below. Thank you!