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Photo of bamboo needles, plastic tapestry needle, and yarn cutterBecause I knit to raise money for charitable causes, I bring my knitting with me pretty much everywhere, including on airplanes. In the US, the TSA says, “Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage.” (Read more on their site.) The rules in other countries do vary, so it’s always best to check before you fly.

In the last few years, I’ve travelled from the US to India, Italy, and Germany, and I brought my knitting with me each time. To minimize the chance that my knitting might arouse suspicions in the security line, I follow these best practices:

  • I choose a project that uses bamboo DPNs. Some of my favorites are Fetching fingerless gloves and the Swirl Shawl. Socks, of course, would be another great project.
  • I bring a plastic tapestry needle, not a metal one.
  • I bring a Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant instead of scissors. (I’ve also tried to use a dental floss container to cut my yarn, but that didn’t work so well.)

For more information about knitting regulations by airport security around the world, see this great post on the Knitty Blog.

Sit back and enjoy the flight, with your knitting!



Lisa and her Infinity WrapMany knitters prefer to knit in the privacy of their homes, never venturing outside with their needles. I’m not sure why this is the case. I bring my knitting pretty much everywhere I go so that I can  make progress on my current project. I also find that, if I have my knitting with me, I am more patient when there are any unexpected delays at doctors’ offices, sports practices, and so on.  I even look forward to getting somewhere early so that I can knit a few rows in my car before an appointment!

With my charitable focus, I also find that knitting in public gives me the opportunity to talk about my fundraising. For example, my two teenage children both enjoy sports, and I always knit while I am in the stands cheering them on. Parents often ask me what I am making, and, as I tell them about the specific project on my needles, I mention that I sell my knits to raise money for a non-profit. When they inevitably ask, “Which non-profit?”, I briefly summarize what the organization does and why I support them. It’s a nice way to spread the word.

As you might imagine, some parents ask if they can buy my knits either for themselves or as gifts. While I knit throughout the year to create enough inventory for my holiday boutique sales, I am more than happy to sell things to friends at any time! Recently, a mom from my daughter’s volleyball team expressed an interest in buying one of my infinity wraps. I brought them to our next tournament, and she purchased three of them. (Thanks, Lisa!) That’s her wearing one in the photo above.

You may see people knitting in your neighborhood during “World Wide Knit in Public Day,” which consists of locally sponsored events that take place from the second Saturday to the third Sunday each June. This year, it is from June 9-17, 2012. More information is available on their web site,

Logo for World Wide Knit in Public Day

The next time you see someone knitting in public, I encourage you to say hello and ask them what they are making. Who knows what you might discover by doing so.