I admit it. I am hooked on Pinterest, a site that allows you to create and share online pinboards. I have created pinboards for many of my interests, including knitting, cooking, reading, and inspirational women leaders. As I step back after using it for a few months, I realize that I am using Pinterest in a variety of ways:

For inspiration:  I pin images of knitting projects that I find inspiring, whether they are commercially produced or hand crafted. One example is my knitted jewelry pinboard:

Knitted jewelry Pinboard

For motivation: Sadly, I am not an avid reader, and I would like to read more books for pleasure as well as personal growth. To help motivate myself, I created a pinboard of books I have read this year.  My goal is to read at least twelve books this year, and I know that I will be encouraged to stay on track by watching my pinboard grow in size.

Books I've Read in 2012 Pinboard

For sharing:  I love my slow cooker, and I created a pinboard of my favorite slow cooker recipes to share with family and friends.

Slow Cooker Pinboard

For marketing: As is the case with most bloggers, I want to market my blog and grow my readership. In addition to utilizing Twitter and Facebook, I also use Pinterest. Each time I post to my blog, I pin an image from the post to one of my Pinterest boards. This image links back to my blog, and hopefully I will get some viewers interested to come back for more!

How do you use pinterest for your hobbies? How about for work-related needs? Please comment! I’d love to hear from you.