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Back in September, I made the “Felt Simplicity” necklace ¬†from a single burgundy felted bead, and subsequently wrote a post about how it needed more color. I am happy to report that I finally added that spark of color!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Interweave’s Knitting Lab in San Mateo, CA. At the marketplace, I found some hand-dyed wool roving in just the perfect olive green. And the vendor was willing to sell me just the small amount I needed for two beads. It cost me exactly 55 cents.

Back at home, I first strung two metallic charms on either side of the burgundy bead. I then made the olive green beads, first by knotting some roving around the necklace cord, then needle felting it into a ball, and finally finishing it by rolling it in my palms with hot soapy water. Here are the before and after photos:

Necklace with one bead

Necklace with more beads

What do you think?


Photo of The Color GridMy friend Mary Ann told me about the Color Grid, a tool to help designers choose colors. The clever part of this tool is that it not only identifies colors that are “close relatives” to your base color, but it shows you “spark colors” that will add life to your design. It reveals these colors without you having to know how to use a color wheel or understand color theory. How nifty!

After my Color Grid arrived in the mail, I decided to use it to add some “spark” to my Felt Simplicity necklace. This necklace has a single burgundy felted bead, and I think it is almost too simple. Would it be more interesting with some beads in spark colors?

To start, I put the necklace on the grid and found the color that best matched my burgundy bead:

Using the Color Grid to find the base color

Next, I placed the black template so that its largest circle was over the matching color:

Using the template to find the spark colors

I then examined the “spark” colors, shown in the bar along the bottom of the black template. To my surprise, the spark colors for burgundy are lime and olive greens. I never would have thought of pairing those colors, but now I can see that some olive wool beads would add so much to the overall impact of the necklace.

The burgundy felted bead next to the spark colors on the template

What do you think?