For my 2011 holiday fundraising, I decided to make cowls again since they were so popular last year. To make sure this year’s collection was fresh and different from last year’s, I needed a new design (or two or three!).  I decided on these patterns:

  • Eileen (a capelet I designed)
  • Envy (a free cowl pattern from Yarn Ball Boogie), and
  • Mobius (a cowl I designed)

Let me tell you more…

I made 12 Eileen capelets from Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Kid Mohair, using 4 skeins per capelet. I purchased this yarn on sale for just under $5 per skein, so my cost of goods is about $20/capelet. I have already sold many of them to co-workers and friends for $60 each, but I think I could have easily charged $75.

Eileen Capelet

Eileen Capelet

I have also made 16 Envy cowls from Debbie Bliss’ Como, a lovely bulky consisting of 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere. Each cowl takes 2 skeins of yarn plus 2 buttons. My cost of goods is about $15/cowl, and I plan on selling them for $45 each.

Photo of 16 Envy Cowls

Envy Cowls

The other pattern is my Mobius cowl, made from 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss’ Como. My cost of goods for these cowls is also about $15, and I will price them at $45.

Mobius Cowl

Mobius Cowl

Between my daughter and me, we have already finished 15 cowls! Here they are, along with the sign I will use during the sale. It shows the price and the charity I am supporting.

Photo of finished Mobius Cowls

15 Mobius Cowls, ready for the sale